[AMRadio] TEST

Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Fri Feb 6 13:52:47 EST 2009

Don,   where do you think I heard this term?   And where do you think 
those slopbucketeers got it? I'd be willing to venture that over 80%
of the jerks, lids, troublemakers and miscreants who give us  a hard 
time for running AM, are ex-CB'ers.  And as you well know, CB'ers, ex 
or other wise (freebanders in particular), disdain the use of AM as 
being unworthy of true radio operators.  Only kids, drive-time 
suburbanites and  losers use AM. Every "professional" radio operator 
knows that!


Don k4kyv wrote:
"Ghost-talking" eh?
Now that's the exact term I've heard slopbucketeers accuse me of, when I 
would be in an AM QSO that happened to fall near their dead-air frequency, 
and they could hear me but not the other station in my QSO.

> Ed, VA3ES wrote:
> Hah!  If you really want to hear some "ghost-talking" just listen to
> 27.025 anytime the band is open!    I sometimes think those guys are
> yammering, just to hear their own voices.   Lot's of calling out, but
> no conversation that I can discern!

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