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Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Sat Feb 7 15:28:31 EST 2009

Don, I was around in the mid-sixties and was a witness to all the jamming 
and miscreant actions against AM. I well remember the AM-SSB wars that 
took place on 75M!   I particularly recall K4BTQ and his vulgar outbursts 
against SSB.  This guy was a racist and an antisemite, so you can imagine 
the nature of his diatribes!  They were awful, but hilarious.


Don k4kyv wrote:
The original anti-AM element in amateur radio probably go all the way back 
to the days before CB.
Once those cheap rigs hit the market, the floodgates were opened and 
that was when the great AM/SSB wars erupted in the mid-60's.  A legacy of 
this conflict that still persists to this day throughout ham radio is the 
deliberate interference and jamming that became commonplace during that era.
So, some of the anti-AM crowd we hear to-day are old timers, veterans of the 
60's AM vs. SSB wars, although many of those are now SK, and others have 
mellowed out in their old age, some of whom have actually returned to AM..

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