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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Feb 7 22:06:01 EST 2009

Brett, it isn't just from the South.  That is a myth that needs to 
be buried.


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>I am getting really bothered by the people I hear on ssb on 80 
>meters at
> night.
> I never heard so much intolerance, they hate contests, they hate 
> AM, they
> hate blacks, they hate the government, they seem to hate 
> everything, and go
> on about it at length.
> Daytime on 80 meters, normal people seem to be on, but at night, I 
> often
> hear only the southern hate nets.
> If you listen at night, you would think the US is filled with ex 
> cb, ex KKK,
> people who live in trailers and hate almost everything, talking 
> about
> revolution.
> I am surprised that any AM operation is possible on 80 meters at 
> night with
> so many people like that on at the same time.
> Brett

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