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Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Sat Feb 7 22:22:00 EST 2009

Brett you are 100% right... It is very
discouraging to hear what goes on 75. Last night a
really good qso was going on and a guy called CQ
right on top of the qso... Man the claws came
out... Name calling swearing cussing and 4 letter
words that I have never heard on the radio...
Sometimes it is worse than Channel 19...

What is happening to our hobby??? Go to a hamfest
and some people look like no shower for weeks...
The bathrooms stink to high heavens and people do
not flush the toilets...

It is ohhh so sad.. I remember the days that you
wore a suit and tie to hamfests...

Very Best 73's,

Bob W1PE


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I am getting really bothered by the people I hear
on ssb on 80 meters at 
I never heard so much intolerance, they hate
contests, they hate AM, they 
hate blacks, they hate the government, they seem
to hate everything, and go 
on about it at length.
Daytime on 80 meters, normal people seem to be on,
but at night, I often 
hear only the southern hate nets.

If you listen at night, you would think the US is
filled with ex cb, ex KKK, 
people who live in trailers and hate almost
everything, talking about 

I am surprised that any AM operation is possible
on 80 meters at night with 
so many people like that on at the same time.


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