[AMRadio] TEST

Brett Gazdzinski Brett.Gazdzinski at verizon.net
Sat Feb 7 23:20:09 EST 2009

I have recently built a K2, and have been jumping around the bands, then I 
got an Alpha Delta dx-lb-plus, which does 160 to 10 meters, you can tune it 
to have a low swr on all the bands, its narrow on 160 and 80, but it works 
well otherwise,
I can hear many signals on 160, some are very strong, I never managed that 
Unfortunately, I doubt I could get on, I would likely get into things in the 
neighborhood, so I don't operate AM at night generally.

This antenna seems to be able to take a fair amount of power, so far it has 
handled the legal limit on AM without problems, and I did tests at twice 
Its 100 feet long, which is short for 80, very short for 160, but seems to 
work very well on receive at least.

If you adjust it, you can do away with the tuner if you operate at the low 
swr points.

I only have 100 feet between trees, away from power lines, so this antenna 
seems to be the best bet if you want to jump around bands.
The K2 is in the den (its very small) so I can listen to CW and ssb (and AM 
using ssb) while the wife watches TV.

In listening to ssb at night, I have noticed what the ssb guys are talking 
about, and sorry to say, almost all the hate is from 4 land, not to say ALL 
people in 4 land are the same, or that the same feelings don't exist in 
other places, but what I hear is ALL coming from 4 land.

160 meters seems much nicer, I wonder why.
Has 160 been in very good shape lately, or is it the antenna?
I used to try listening using other antenna's and all I ever heard weak 
signals and lots of static...
W1AW was 50 over on 160 last night, and I just heard some AM guys on 1880 
that were 40 over, no noise, no trash, nice!
I have also heard people from all over the country!



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