[AMRadio] 833 AM rig

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Otis is alive, doesn't get on the air, lives in the far reaching Northern area of Houston, Tx. John Coleman, WA5BXO sees him from time to time.
Lee, w0vt
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  What ever happen to Otis ? I can guess that by this time is may be a SK. I use to listen to him along with W4RKG on 75 meters in the 60's running some beautiful a.m.  I recall that Otis was in Shreveport La. Ma he had such a sweet a.m. sound.

  I would listen to him along with a large group on 75 using a Allied "span master" reg. receiver that I build in 65.

  Great memories, wish a.m. could be like that again.


  Bob Carpenter


  bcarpenter_tpc at bellsouth.net


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  Maybe John/WA5BXO will read the messages soon.  Otis/K5SWK built one like this some years back and it still plays over at De Queen, AR.  Ken/KA5RHK still uses it.  I would imagine John can tell us what Otis did.  




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    I would be interested myself.


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                I like to build an AM transmitter with one tube 833A,any one have a circuit diagram...

      many thanks



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