[AMRadio] 1 kw broadcast transmitter available

Bob Young youngbob53 at msn.com
Tue Feb 10 14:08:33 EST 2009

If it will fit in the back of a 95 Roadmaster wagon and also fit into a 2nd story apartment in MA I'll be there.... well.... I can dream anyway right?

Bob Young
Analog, MA

> Message: 3
> Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 23:00:41 -0600
> From: "Charles Wooten NF4A" <nf4a at knology.net>
> Subject: [AMRadio] 1 kw broadcast transmitter available--free

> I have access to a free CCA Electronics Model 1000-D AM broadcast
> transmitter.
> It must be picked up as soon as possible and you are responsible for all
> loading and moving out of the building. The transmitter is in Southern
> Alabama. This would be a great rig for 160 or 75 meters. The transmitter is
> currently on the low end of the AM band....560 kHz. This transmitter was
> working when taken out of service 2 years ago. It has a pair of 4-400As
> modulating a pair of 4-400As.
> THIS IS FOR HAM RADIO USE ONLY.....I will be your worst nightmare if I catch
> you trying to sell it on eBay or putting on the broadcast band, etc.
> Please have interested parties contact me ASAP....first come, first served.
> Remember it must be picked up as soon as possible.
> 73
> Charlie NF4A
> nf4a at clearchannel.com
> ***********

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