[AMRadio] 1 kw broadcast transmitter available

BILL GUYGER bguyger at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 13 16:30:34 EST 2009

Well.......it was my intent to do so. I pulled them out, set them to the side and asked the station's operations manager to tell the people he was having move the carcass out to leave them so I could pick them up on my next trip. They didn't. 

I also told him to tell the painting and repair guy who had started caulking heavily around the old cracked Plexiglas feed line exit panel to stop because I was going to replace it with a new piece of 1/2" Lexan. He didn't do that either. I had to spend half a day digging 2 or 3 tubes of caulk out so I could put in the new panel.

Some people need to have their Push to Listen Switch exercised more than others.

Bill AD5OL

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I hope someone salvaged the modulation and power supply iron and rf tank 
components before the rest of the rig went to the scrap heap.

Don k4kyv


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