[AMRadio] 1 KW Broadcast transmitter avaiable

Gerald Stockinger cliogunsmith at centurytel.net
Sat Feb 14 13:21:23 EST 2009

To all who responded, commented, offered help, and laughed. On Wednesday 
afternoon I went to the station with two of my men. There I met Mike 
Holderfield N4RMS who is the chief engineer. We spent about two hours 
removing all the heavy iron and loading it in my covered  pickup. Some 
one had marked all the leads with Brady wire markers so all we had to do 
is remove them. On Thursday we went back with a fourth man and a trailer 
and loaded the cabinet and brought it home. This rig has been properly 
maintained throughout its years of service and will require little to 
get it on the air. The output configuration is already a pi-L net with 
an adjustable 2nd harmonic filter connected between the two sections to 
ground. Converting this to ham service will not be a problem. A complete 
set of manuals was included. Since I have a new T368 exciter I am even 
looking to use that and bandswitching the whole thing to a least 160 to 
40. I have many projects to work on but this one some how got to the top 
of the list. Since the tubes are mounted right behind the front panel a  
viewing window will be installed and one more high powered AM rig will 
"Glow in the Dark" Thanks to Charles N4FA, and Mike N4RMS.
Jerry K9GOZ

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