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Tue Feb 17 16:47:11 EST 2009

Just an FYI...  The meter face of the S-meter on my National NC-303 had almost completely faded away due to many years of severe sun and cigarette smoke exposure by previous owners. In my efforts to restore this receiver, finding a good used S-meter or meter face came up short. 

I decided to see if I could produce a suitable reproduction meter face that I could live with. I have produced (and saved in a .pdf file so it can be printed out on any color printer) a meter face that is “close” to the original design. Close enough I think, that only someone who is very familiar with the NC-303 would notice the difference. Also, I think the S-meter on the NC-300 is the same as the NC-303. The .pdf file will print out at the correct size ready to trim and paste over the original metal meter faceplate. 

I don't have a website to post it on but I can email the reproduction meter face .pdf file to anyone who would like to have it of course at no cost. I printed mine out with a color laser printer using matte finish photo paper. A good quality inkjet printer will also do fine. Trimmed it up to fit over the original metal meter faceplate, used rubber cement to attach it, put the clear plastic meter cover back on and now have, IMHO, a very nice looking S-meter once again. Let me know if you’d like to have an electronic copy of the meter face to play around with. 73, Bill, w0ng  
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