[AMRadio] Request for Help Locating an Old AM Xmtr Article

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Thu Feb 19 10:54:11 EST 2009


This is a long shot but here goes-
I am requesting help on finding the article for a homebrew 2m or 6m AM
transmitter I started in the 1960s. The article appeared in CQ or 73 or a
similar publication (but not in QST) before 1969.  When I was a teenage
ham, I finished the modulator portion on a separate chassis but went off to
college, then into the Army for 30 years and never did build the VHF
transmitter section. Now I'm retired and would like to finish the rest of
the project.

The modulator consists of a 6AN8A driving (through a Stancor A-53-C) a pair
of 6CZ5s that were to plate modulate a single 2E26 (or possible a 6146).
The article title was something like "The World's Best Transmitter" or
similar (I can’t remember exactly). I recall that the article boasted that
this transmitter was the best because of its outstanding audio. The on-line
CQ magazine index only goes back to 1980 and I don't know of a 73 index of

Yes, I know that there are many 2E26 and 6146 transmitter designs with
which I could hookup the modulator, but I'd really like to find the
original article and finish things off as intended.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated by this oldster.


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