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Hi Nick,

Just like my motto says: " Indecision represents the ultimate in
Sorry that I missed you and John at Richmond this year, my schedule
confounded me again.
73 de Tom/W4OKW
One of the Pax River boys 

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How about a National NC-300 or 303? - great vintage looks, excellent
feel, very good performance on AM, CW, and SSB.
Or a Hallicrafters SX-101? also very handsome and a good performer
Or if you want something that isn't 19" wide and 75 lbs, but is about
same width as the Ranger, a Drake 2B.

OK, that didn't make your choices easier, did it? But I think these
are much better rcvrs than your list below. I like the HQ-170 for SSB
never enjoyed it for AM.

I couldn't make up my mind either - here's what I ended up with for my
vintage operating position -

Nick K4NYW
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>  Okay maybe I should have been a little more specific up to 300/350 
> dollars for a receiver that would be my range I guess. I have looked
at a 
> few Hammurlunds and Hallicrafters that look interesting like the HQ 
> 110,150,170 and I bought a SX-99 real cheap from a local Ham I hope to

> check it out soon.
> 73,Bob

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