[AMRadio] Ranger solid state

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Feb 27 12:39:19 EST 2009

> From: "Robert Perdue" <kc0hfl at cox.net>

> I am looking for the procedure to convert the 5R4 to solid state. Is it 
> cathodes to pin 4,6 and tie the anode to pin 8 does anything need to be 
> done with the filament wiring?

The ANODES go to pins 4 and 5.  Tie the cathodes together and run them to 
either pin 2 or 8.  Depending on how the transmitter is wired, if you remove 
the 5 volt filament transformer, you may need to short pins 2 and 8 

In my Gates BC1-T, I removed the wiring  from the 5R4 socket entirely, and 
mounted the diodes on a separate terminal strip.  That freed up the octal 
socket for a 6AS7G tube that provides protective bias to the 833A stage for 
CW operation.

Don k4kyv

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