[AMRadio] Paint Source for a Gates-Harris BC-1H1 ???

BILL GUYGER bguyger at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 27 15:59:08 EST 2009

I am going to use what Continental Electronics uses on their B'cast transmitters - Sherwin Williams Polane (a Polyurethane paint) on the Bauer 707 I'm rebuilding. S-W can can mix any color take a sample piece down to them.  Another choice is an auto bode paint supply like English Color Supply. I'm not sure if they're national or nor, but we have a whole slew of them in the DFW area.

vy 73's
Bill AD5OL

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Hi folks,

The restoration of the BC-1H1 is coming to a close. I have most of the
electronic repair and rewire finished, and
I'm soon ready to start packing everything back into the case.

Today, being a warm day for Feb. on the East Coast. I took the case, sides,
and doors outside, and gave them a serious scrub and wash.
I got of the decades of brown sauce that had adhered to every exterior spot,
and all the black soot and dirt, removed inside and out.

On inspection there are just a lot of scratches, rust spots, and generally
bad places. I think the unit would benefit from a coat of factory paint.

Now the big question: Where can one get that interesting "Sea Foam"
greenish/grey Gates-Harris BC-1H color?

Any hints, clues, or directions???


Mike Hess - N3EAQ

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