[AMRadio] Paint Source for Gates BC-1H1 -- FOUND!

M. K. Hess mkhess at kias.org
Sat Feb 28 10:50:06 EST 2009

Hi Folks,

Thanks to a suggestion by Bill Guyger - AD5OL I went to my local
Shewin-Williams store. 
They custom mixed, and got 100% color correct a gallon of paint for me.

The type is as follows:

S-W "All Surface Enamel", "Acrylic Latex Satin", "Low Sheen, Ultradeep Base"

I gave them a piece off of the BC-1H, they stuck it in their matching gizmo,
and bingo, got it on the 1st try!
The sheen may be just a hair more glossy than the original, but then it's
hard to say after 40 years, what the original "sheen" was anyway!

Thanks Bill, and hope this helps someone else!


Mike Hess - N3EAQ

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