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Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Thu Jan 1 18:22:14 EST 2009

AL, Thank you for all you have done and enjoy the
over 65. I am 67 and not yet able to do that but
hope to do it at 68.

You have done a fantastic job. Scott runs a great
group and has also been super helpful to me over
the years as well.


Thank you and HNY.


Very Best 73's,


Bob W1PE








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Don't panic guys, QSL.NET is merging with QTH.COM
this will be an even bigger and better site. I am
approaching my 65th birthday and it is time to let
younger minds continue. There will NO change in
any list other than a small outage as we move the
data from Delaware to Lansing, Michigan.  Scott
KA9FOX has an established track record with his
QTH.COM site or I would not have gone this


HNY to all  and I will have the Collins 20V-2 on
real soon.




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After many years of great service to hams, Al
Waller, K3TKJ, has decided to retire from the
qthqth.net service.  This is where
ouAMRadiodioAMSwapwap) lists are based.  I know he
has surely spent many hours, and money out of his
own pocket providing this service to hams.  It
would not have been possible for Al to do this had
it not been for the donations (since everything
was basically free) he also received from fellow
hams using hwebspaceace, email lists, etc.

It appears that Al will be turning everything over
to another person that I do not know.  From the
sound of it, things will continue as usual for our
list.  Speaking of, tAMRadiodio list has been
going now for nearly 12 years!!

Just in case, I do plan to save a list of all our
subscribers (fAMRadiodio aAMSwapwap) so that I can
immediately start up my own list server.  This is
a worst case scenario, however, if I do have to
setup a list server, please be prepared to
consider a donation, as my web host only allows
limited traffic on a list server, as is, without
additional money.

If things with tqthqth.net server go as Al
projects, I would like to ask (as we always have)
that members please consider donating to the new
list server owner.

Details from Al are at this link:

Al, if you read this, thank you for all the time,
effort, and personal funding you have contributed
for all these years.  We will miss your personal
service, but hope you fulfill dreams you could not
see achieve while keeping all the man hours you
kept while maintaining qth.net.  Good luck and
Happy New Year!

73 All
Brian / wa5AMRadio
AMRadioAMSwap& AMSwap List Owner (12 years and

"Money is only temporary, radios are forever" -
Jim Little dawg"the old dawg"/K5BAI

My website: http://w5ami.net
wa5am at arrl.net

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