[AMRadio] Urgent email List News

ronnie.hull ronnie.hull at glowbugs.com
Fri Jan 2 07:20:31 EST 2009

well bob, W1PE pointed out to me that I had fat fingered the keyboard again 
and typed 'can't' when I should have typed CAN. Meaning, Brian, you COULD 
count on me to help you with a new list server if you had to do it but it 
sounds like Al has it all covered anyway. And al, thanks for all the fine 
service to the ham radio community!!!  Wish you the best of luck in your 
future endeavors.

Ronnie - W5SUM

>   From: Al Waller 
>   To: 'Discussion of AM Radio in the Amateur Service' ; 
> amswap at mailman.qth.net   Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2009 2:30 PM  
> Subject: RE: [AMRadio] Urgent email List News
>   Don't panic guys, QSL.NET is merging with QTH.COM this will be an 
> even bigger and better site. I am approaching my 65th birthday and 
> it is time ...

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