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WABOOF WHAT A BUNCH OF OLD FARTS!! ( I can say that because I am old too! )

Here a guy is trying to convey a little good news and all you guys can do is make disparaging remarks!!  Talk about a glass half empty club!  Hell, a 1.2% increase is at least 1000% bigger than the stupid senatorial race in MN and now they're arguing about less than 10 parts per million ballots!!!

A new ham is a new ham, it doesn't matter what the initial motivation was, if they have a license it's our job as Elmer's to mold them into amateur radio operators! Don't sit around and whine!!! Get up and do something to help them appreciate and enjoy the hobby. 

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  Good news folks.. The Ham Radio actually grew in 2008. I would love to 

  Know the breakdown of techs, Generals, Extra.. 




  At our management meeting this morning I learned that (matching end of year figures) 

  There was approximately a 1.2% growth in hams in the USA

  And there are 28,066 new US hams in 2008.


  To those people and groups who were active in promotions, classes, exams and teaching - ya dun gud!



  Allen G Pitts, W1AGP

  Media & PR Manager

  ARRL - the national association for Amateur Radio



  Very Best 73's,


  Bob W1PE







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