[AMRadio] WABOOF - Good News on HAM RADIO

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Jan 8 15:34:05 EST 2009

> WABOOF WHAT A BUNCH OF OLD FARTS!! ( I can say that because I am old 
> too! )
> Here a guy is trying to convey a little good news and all you guys can do 
> is make disparaging remarks!! ...
> A new ham is a new ham, it doesn't matter what the initial motivation was, 
> if they have a license it's our job as Elmer's to mold them into amateur 
> radio operators! Don't sit around and whine!!! Get up and do something to 
> help them appreciate and enjoy the hobby.
> K3PID Ron H

To me, what really counts is hams who gain HF privileges, and who might 
potentially become AM'ers.  I doubt that would be of interest to many of the 
shack-on-a-belt wannabe cops the the least bit.  But maybe a few will become 
curious enough to listen to what's on HF.  There certainly isn't anything 
much on shortwave to attract SWL's any more.

Once upon a time most new hams who didn't happen to have a personal mentor, 
first got exposed to radio by listening to foreign broadcasts on AM radios 
that also included a couple of shortwave bands, and ran across hams 
conversing on AM phone. When most hams converted to SSB, we lost that 
avenue, and CB became the new gateway.  Now  that interest in CB has about 
fizzled, what do we have left?

Don k4kyv

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