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Thu Jan 8 16:04:12 EST 2009

I know I cut my teeth doing SWL Listening in the mid 60's and Popular Electronics got me started on that. So I would send QSL cards to the station and they would QSL me back, and boy was that exciting! Then a friend down the block, said his father was a ham and could help me get a license and that started the flames that are still lit today. True, it would be more difficult for a SWL listener whom didn't have a carrier insert feature on their radios to hear hams today to receive SSB. But now, based on what I read in QST this month, BPL is being installed in many states, which does not interfere with the ham bands however wipes out the Short Wave bands.
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> > WABOOF WHAT A BUNCH OF OLD FARTS!! ( I can say that because I am old 
> > too! ) 
> > 
> > Here a guy is trying to convey a little good news and all you guys can do 
> > is make disparaging remarks!! ... 
> > A new ham is a new ham, it doesn't matter what the initial motivation was, 
> > if they have a license it's our job as Elmer's to mold them into amateur 
> > radio operators! Don't sit around and whine!!! Get up and do something to 
> > help them appreciate and enjoy the hobby. 
> > 
> > K3PID Ron H 
> To me, what really counts is hams who gain HF privileges, and who might 
> potentially become AM'ers. I doubt that would be of interest to many of the 
> shack-on-a-belt wannabe cops the the least bit. But maybe a few will become 
> curious enough to listen to what's on HF. There certainly isn't anything 
> much on shortwave to attract SWL's any more. 
> Once upon a time most new hams who didn't happen to have a personal mentor, 
> first got exposed to radio by listening to foreign broadcasts on AM radios 
> that also included a couple of shortwave bands, and ran across hams 
> conversing on AM phone. When most hams converted to SSB, we lost that 
> avenue, and CB became the new gateway. Now that interest in CB has about 
> fizzled, what do we have left? 
> Don k4kyv 
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