[AMRadio] Effort afoot to "reclaim" 3600-3700 CW subband

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Jan 8 16:22:08 EST 2009

The following message is being forwarded around on the internet via e-mail 
and on some of the mailing lists.  They do have a point.  There is very 
little phone activity in this portion of the band, now that the novelty of 
the expanded phone band has worn off.  Why not re-warm the band with AM? 
I'll be exercising my 3620 kHz xtal a little more often.


"Since the changes were made taking away exclusive use of the 3600-3700
portion of the 80 meter band for CW, I have done extensive monitoring
in it. There is very little use of this portion of the band now. I
have heard some ssb activity in the upper 25 khz (3675-3700). Percentage
of use during a one month period is less than 10%. From 3650-3675, 
percentage is less than 7%. From 3600-3650, percentage is less than 4%.

That is an awful waste of band space. There has been ample time for
someone to make use of these frequencies. Since they are not being
used enough, I think it should be given back to CW/RTTY/Digital.
During contest weekends, the present allocation of frequencies for
CW,etc. makes it almost unusable for net operation and QSO's.

Who else should I contact with these recommendations and statistics?
I will be glad to do so. Me and thousands of other CW ops would like
to see this portion given back to us.

Thanks for your help and 73,
Rodney Baker, W5DY
STX Section Traffic Manager
Tex CW Asst Net Manager
TCC Member

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Don k4kyv


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