[AMRadio] Effort afoot to "reclaim" 3600-3700 CW subband

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Thu Jan 8 17:35:09 EST 2009

Hi Don: what does he even mean by these percentages? if he would treat cw at 
abt 500 cycles then there is almost no cw use. I have been running at or 
below 3.7 for weeks, last night I could not find a spot from 3675  to 3710 
called cq on 3725and a guy on ssb came back and commented how good the audio 
sounded, he said it sounded as good as AM. I told him to put the rx on AM 
and have a good laugh.  I think I will start dropping down to the 3650 to 
3675 range. Bernie
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Subject: [AMRadio] Effort afoot to "reclaim" 3600-3700 CW subband

> The following message is being forwarded around on the internet via e-mail
> and on some of the mailing lists.  They do have a point.  There is very
> little phone activity in this portion of the band, now that the novelty of
> the expanded phone band has worn off.  Why not re-warm the band with AM?
> I'll be exercising my 3620 kHz xtal a little more often.
> (QUOTE):
> "Since the changes were made taking away exclusive use of the 3600-3700
> portion of the 80 meter band for CW, I have done extensive monitoring
> in it. There is very little use of this portion of the band now. I
> have heard some ssb activity in the upper 25 khz (3675-3700). Percentage
> of use during a one month period is less than 10%. From 3650-3675,
> percentage is less than 7%. From 3600-3650, percentage is less than 4%.
> That is an awful waste of band space. There has been ample time for
> someone to make use of these frequencies. Since they are not being
> used enough, I think it should be given back to CW/RTTY/Digital.
> During contest weekends, the present allocation of frequencies for
> CW,etc. makes it almost unusable for net operation and QSO's.
> Who else should I contact with these recommendations and statistics?
> I will be glad to do so. Me and thousands of other CW ops would like
> to see this portion given back to us.
> Thanks for your help and 73,
> Rodney Baker, W5DY
> STX Section Traffic Manager
> Tex CW Asst Net Manager
> TCC Member
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