[AMRadio] [CW] Fw: 3600-3700 frequencies

Thomas F. Giella KN4LF kn4lf at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 9 11:34:28 EST 2009

Returning 3600-3700 kc to CW mode only operation is a solution looking for a 
problem, as CW mode operation is already allowed there. I do operate CW 
between 3600-3700 kc but there is little in the way of activity there. Even 
3500-3525 kc has little activity also compared to 5-10 years ago.

I also operate AM regularly on 3675 kc and SSB on 3690 kc From hear in 
Florida I see more SSB activity between 3600-3700 kc than I do CW between 
3500-3525 kc.

I became an Advanced class ham in 1990 with the callsign KN4LF. I passed the 
13 wpm for my General also in 1990.

I was against dropping the 20 wpm code test for Extra and out of protest did 
not get my Extra for the next 7-8 years. I did recently pass the Extra exam 
and am awaiting my new 2 x 1 call of WU5D. I finally upgraded to get at all 
of the DX between 7000-7025 kc and 14000-14025 kc. I have confirmed 8 new 
countries on 40 meters since upgrading bringing my DXCC total to 200.

I did find the Extra class exam easy. Not because I memorized the answers 
but because I already new the material from being a ham for 20 years. I 
certainly could not memorize the answers to the math related questions so 
spent a month learning how to figure it all out. Memorizing almost 800 
questions and passing the Extra class exam without understanding the 
material is beyond my capability and I'm no dummy.

BTW the AM group that operates on 3675 kc that I check into used to operate 
on 3880 kc but moved down when 3600-3700 kc opened up for phone operation. 
Instead of whining about being left out of the group as an Advanced class 
ham I passed my Extra.

73 & GUD DX,
Thomas F. Giella, KN4LF
Lakeland, FL, USA
kn4lf at arrl.net

KN4LF Amateur & SWL Radio Autobiography: http://www.kn4lf.com

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