[AMRadio] Effort afoot to "reclaim" 3600-3700 CW subband

Peter Markavage manualman at juno.com
Fri Jan 9 11:54:27 EST 2009

Most of my tube gear has been sitting around idle for quite a while. I'm
having more fun operating AM, and other modes, with a Flex 5000. I love
the mode; the type of equipment is far less important to me.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Fri, 9 Jan 2009 09:18:45 -0500 "Bob Carpenter"
<bcarpenter_tpc at bellsouth.net> writes:
> Every body that wants to run A.M. go ahead and move down to the extra 
> band,
> then don't ask why A.M. is a dying mode !! A lot of "working stiff" 
> still
> have to work 40 to 60 hrs a week, and for what ever reason don't 
> have our
> "extra" but I really love A.M. 
> Got to say, I'm beginning to feel like it's a one way relationship , 
> you
> see. I'm not retired yet, and no I don't have a room full of old 
> tube
> xmitters (but would love to have )Do have a old DX 40 that I'm close 
> to
> getting on the air, and a three tube 811 amp, that may allow me to 
> get into
> a short QSO with some of you. It's really sad that in order to be 
> "in the
> group" you've got to run a tube xmitter and a amp, at 300 to 800 
> watts,
> other wise, your just noise, and something to be tolerated with a 
> short
> reply, and then move on to another "big rig" sounding station.
> This will most likely be my last post, sorry about the bitter mood, 
> just
> letting my feeling show I guess. Maybe after the bands get better in 
> a few
> years, I can have a little A.M. fun on 10 & 20 meters.
> A.M.,,,,,,,the EXTRA mode 

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