[AMRadio] Heath manuals gone?

Nick England nick at 3rdtech.com
Fri Jan 9 12:12:13 EST 2009

Well, we all had a chance to buy the rights... on eBay! - last fall Heath
Co. put up for auction 40 filing cabinets of old manuals and the legal
rights to make and sell copies. IIRC no one met the minimum bid they had
set, but evidently they later struck a deal with a former Heath employee,
Don Peterson. See http://www.d8apro.com/

You know how to make a small fortune in the vintage manual business?? start
with a large one.

p.s. I have no connection with any of this, but have bought some Heath parts
from Don in the past and he was very helpful. Oh yeah, I also bought some
gear from Heath Co. when they were e-baying their collection of old gear and
lab equipment. It was cool to get a 1963 unbuilt Heathkit direct from Benton
Harbor in 2007.
p.p.s. AMRadio connection - I sometimes run my Heathkit Apache on AM :-)

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ARRL reports a company has bought the rights to the Heathkit manuals. Just
checked BAMA and they are no longer there, or I was looking at it crosseyed.
Wonder what they will buy next?

Charlie W4MEC

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