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Dont forget to give us Brits and Europeans a shout around 04.00+ GMT on 
3705, during the weekends and sometimes during the week.
73 Max M0GHQ

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>> Every body that wants to run A.M. go ahead and move down to the extra
>> band,
>> then don't ask why A.M. is a dying mode !! A lot of "working stiff" still
>> have to work 40 to 60 hrs a week, and for what ever reason don't have our
>> "extra" but I really love A.M.
>> Got to say, I'm beginning to feel like it's a one way relationship , you
>> see. I'm not retired yet, and no I don't have a room full of old tube
>> xmitters (but would love to have )Do have a old DX 40 that I'm close to
>> getting on the air, and a three tube 811 amp, that may allow me to get
>> into
>> a short QSO with some of you. It's really sad that in order to be "in the
>> group" you've got to run a tube xmitter and a amp, at 300 to 800 watts,
>> other wise, your just noise, and something to be tolerated with a short
>> reply, and then move on to another "big rig" sounding station.
>> This will most likely be my last post, sorry about the bitter mood, just
>> letting my feeling show I guess. Maybe after the bands get better in a 
>> few
>> years, I can have a little A.M. fun on 10 & 20 meters.
>> A.M.,,,,,,,the EXTRA mode
>> Bob Carpenter
> You don't need to worry about "everybody" moving down to the Extra 
> portion.
> If some of the AM operators do QSY, it will make operation on 3870-90 a 
> lot
> more tolerable.  I tend to stay away from the "Ghetto" during prime time
> early evening hours because it has become too chaotic.  Start a QSO, and
> within 20 minutes the group will have grown to 5 to 8 members or more, one
> or two of which are guaranteed to have unreadable signals.  Add to that,
> mutual interference from another AM QSO 5 kHz away or possibly one to each
> side of the frequency, plus all the SSB trying to nudge in between.  If 
> the
> QSO's become more manageable in size, everyone will enjoy AM operation 
> more.
> We need to maintain solid AM presence in EVERY segment of the band. 
> Another
> segment that begs for some nighttime AM activity is somewhere between 3800
> and 3850.  That's within the General privileges, new General-class 
> territory
> created with the phone band expansion.  I often hear some activity there 
> in
> the afternoon, but it always seems to disappear by sundown.  Best to get
> started in the late afternoon before the rock-bound VFO crowd shows up.
> There was PLENTY of AM activity in the new Extra and Advanced segments 
> right
> after the expansion (remember the AM Bandwarming Party?), but as soon as 
> the
> novelty wore off, most of the AM ops retreated back to the congestion and
> QRM.
> I don't think those CW guys have anything to gripe about, since they 
> haven't
> lost any mode privileges, just licence class privileges.  And I doubt that
> the FCC would reconsider returning to restricting the segment to CW/data 
> or
> otherwise reversing the expansion, since that would imply that they made 
> an
> erroneous decision when they initially expanded the band, and bureaucratic
> government agencies are not very prone to do that -  witness  the AM power
> debacle.  So if they do start a petition, it might be more appropriate to
> seek to reduce or eliminate the exclusive Extra Class segments, not reduce
> phone privileges.
> Time and the CW ops' complaints about the dearth of activity on 3600-3700,
> are proof enough that their worries about hoards of SSB'ers moving down 
> and
> wiping out the low end of the band as soon as the mode restrictions were
> lifted, were unfounded.
> It can only be a healthy move for the AM community to show more presence
> across 3600-3750 and 3800-3850.
> Some of the frequencies "down below" where AM activity has been noted in 
> the
> past include the vicinity of 3720-30, 3705, 3685 and 3675.  I have xtals 
> for
> 3610, 3620, 3645, 3711 and 3720, which I like to exercise occasionally,
> although I have full VFO capability and my VFO is not rock-bound to a 
> single
> frequency like the VFO's appear to be on many of the whizz-bang digital 
> appliances.
> Don k4kyv
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