[AMRadio] WABOOF - Good News on HAM RADIO

Brett Gazdzinski Brett.Gazdzinski at verizon.net
Fri Jan 9 22:06:53 EST 2009

I remember what sparked my interest, an old radio shack dx100 I think it 
was, a little, crappy receiver that LOOKED nice, it was really a transistor 
radio with some short wave bands and a BFO.
But I heard some interesting AM qso's on it, got my general so I could join 
Way back, CB was nice, no foul mouth or CB lingo, just people talking, and I 
was into that before the ham stuff.
I would not bother with CB these days.

Realistically, I don't think ham radio has much future, not when you can 
call someone on a cell phone, text them, surf the web, do VoIP, etc, its 
kind of silly to have a basement full of equipment so you can talk with the 
other 20 old guys about their basement full of equipment. I don't see much 
to attract young people to the hobby.
Most hams would not think of building any radio stuff as far as I can tell.
Kids might be interested in the flex radio stuff, with its computers and 
displays and so on....


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>> WABOOF WHAT A BUNCH OF OLD FARTS!! ( I can say that because I am old
>> too! )
>> Here a guy is trying to convey a little good news and all you guys can do
>> is make disparaging remarks!! ...
>> A new ham is a new ham, it doesn't matter what the initial motivation 
>> was,
>> if they have a license it's our job as Elmer's to mold them into amateur
>> radio operators! Don't sit around and whine!!! Get up and do something to
>> help them appreciate and enjoy the hobby.
>> K3PID Ron H
> To me, what really counts is hams who gain HF privileges, and who might
> potentially become AM'ers.  I doubt that would be of interest to many of 
> the
> shack-on-a-belt wannabe cops the the least bit.  But maybe a few will 
> become
> curious enough to listen to what's on HF.  There certainly isn't anything
> much on shortwave to attract SWL's any more.
> Once upon a time most new hams who didn't happen to have a personal 
> mentor,
> first got exposed to radio by listening to foreign broadcasts on AM radios
> that also included a couple of shortwave bands, and ran across hams
> conversing on AM phone. When most hams converted to SSB, we lost that
> avenue, and CB became the new gateway.  Now  that interest in CB has about
> fizzled, what do we have left?
> Don k4kyv
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