[AMRadio] WABOOF - Good News on HAM RADIO

EdwMullin at aol.com EdwMullin at aol.com
Sat Jan 10 10:11:20 EST 2009

>But one thing amateur radio has that the internet doesn't have is  
>independence from the infrastructure.  If we can find the  electricity to 
>power the rig, we can string up a wire and communicate  worldwide even if 
>every  internet server and every telephone in the  country is out of 
>commission.  A generator and some fuel is all it  takes to keep us in 
>business if every utility service is down.
>Don k4kyv
So true.  I  can run my Kenwood TS-520 with a automotive battery.  and it 
would be the rig here that I would use in an emergency, since I  don't own a 
newer smaller rig. An antenna can be improvised out of almost any  wire you could 
find in a devastated area. (actually think of the lack of QRN  with the grid 
GONE). I imagine one of those "All Mode" HF to UHF rigs would  be the emergency 
communicators dream though.
I know TOO many people who think their cell phone is a life line,  it  can 
be, as long as you are the ONLY one in trouble at the moment, you have  service, 
your battery is charged, etc...  But we've (as a society) have  been 
conditioned to think the Cell phone is the pentultimate form of  communications and an 
absolute necessity, neither of which is true, just the  results of the worlds 
best marketing program.
73 es God Bless, 
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