[AMRadio] WABOOF - Good News on HAM RADIO

Mike Sawyer w3slk at verizon.net
Sat Jan 10 15:41:39 EST 2009

Bully for you, Max!!!!
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I cannot see the random calling of folks on the phone anywhere in the world
catching on or random emails either, Ham radio will survive, its just like
everything else having a crisis of fashion, when all the ipods and other
plastic crap on sale now gets boring ( except Wii's as it is just so funny
to watch your pals dancing around the lounge after imaginary things on the
telly (mad fools)), folk will return to traditional hobbies. I teach the
radio exams here in the UK and there is definately an increase in people
taking up the hobby. I swelled the US Ham numbers by one the other day when
I became licenced in the US.
73 Max M0GHQ / KJ4ISS

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