[AMRadio] Beautiful Homebrew AM transmitter

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Sun Jan 11 20:58:13 EST 2009

To me it looks like there are a bunch of 6L6's in
the mod deck kinda like the Globe King...
It has to be AM and CW and well worth the $$$ if
nothing more than parts...

Bob W1PE

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Mike Sawyer wrote:
> Unfortunately Bob, it lacks a modulator. Its
pretty much a CW rig. 
Well I was debating myself about that, Mike, but
I'm not convinced.   
What I first thought might be a pair of 811s on
the second chassis up 
could be MV rectifiers instead.  One would
certainly expect to see at 
least modulator plate meters on a rig like this,
and there are two 
unmarked meters on the top panel, one with a 500ma

And  if you look at the power supply on the bottom
of the rack, there 
seems to be a lot of iron there, plus four tubes
with plate caps visible 
behind the perforated metal screen.  Yet the
seller, who obviously knows 
nothing about it, but makes reference to a "very
heavy transformer that 
goes with it".

Seems to me there's more stuff here than would be
needed for a CW rig.

73, Bob W9RAN

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