[AMRadio] combining a unipole with inverted L wire

John King k5pgw at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 12 16:55:30 EST 2009

I am familiar with the Unipole name, the Cage name, and the Folded Umbrella name for wires on towers that work in the broadcast through 160 meter frequency spectrum. I have used a couple of them and they work.

I am pondering how it would work to wire up the tower as a Unipole and then attach a horizontal wire from the top out to a distant support such as another tower, or a tree. Would you still have the vertical properties of the Unipole section as well as the horizontal properties from the horizontal wire? 

Of course it might be pointed that a sloped downward wire might also provide some directionality in the direction of the sloped wire.

It might also be pointed that the same sloper may be used on two bands by  using an LC network with a capacitor being switched in and out across the coil. See Radio Engineer's Handbook, William Orr, editor. I have the book and diagram.

There is also a lot of references to radials in the posts. I am very interested in the raised radials as opposed to buried radials. Raised radials make it easier to mow the grass and from what I have read, that method takes less radials. Any comment? At the risk of boring the folks, you might want to email me directly. 73, John, K5PGW


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