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Very interesting! How about a AT4K tuner by Palstar in the shack to tune the antenna?
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If you run any power at all, forget the balun unless you gat some sort of monster one, the usual suspects wont work for even moderate power AM.

Any time I tried traps or baluns on AM, all I got was a fire.
Some might take 50 watts carrier, but the DX100 blew out many a trap back when I was starting out in AM.


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I always wanted to try am on 160 but like most do not have enough room for a full size antenna, so,
I am considering building a 160 meter antenna at our clubhouse because there is a 80' tower there and over an acre of land to spread out a 1/2 wave dipole.  Question is;
1 Is a 1/2 wave wire dipole the best antenna for the band considering there is room for it.
2 Is 80' high enough for the center of the inverted V?
3 How high do the ends need to be off of the ground?
4 Should I feed it with coax or ladder line to the 10' level (or other) then a balun to coax to the tuner (coax is the only acceptable line into the shack)?  The shack is a metal building 30X60' and directly below the tower.  There is no way to get ladder line to the operating position since all cables have to run through a 3" conduit for at least 30'.

The tower is a free standing commercial tower made of 4 20' sections bolted together with a 2 meter and a 440mhz antenna at the top, all ham antennas.

Thanks for any advice.  Jim wb5oxq

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