[AMRadio] "Hot" Broadcast Towers

BILL GUYGER bguyger at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 13 00:08:57 EST 2009

At the WRR (FM 101.1)  main and back up sites here in Dallas, someone thought it would be a good idea to install electrostatic air filters. I gotta tell you it's no fun having part of your body in the PA cavity of a transmitter that runs at somewhere between 8 and 12 or so KV on the plate and 700 or so on the screen even though you know everything is discharged and grounded, when on of those %^#@(&&*^^^&((*&$% filters arcs over!!! I decided we can live without them.

Bill AD5OL

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>was pulling it out of its socket when the old Andrew dehydrator
>about 2 feet behind the transmitter decided to kick on.


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