[AMRadio] 160 meter antenna

neal Newman cozy659 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 13 06:21:51 EST 2009

Jim You only need 50 feet to make a unipole on that Tower.It can Be 1 wire , 2 wire or 3 wires .up to 6 wires running down from the 50 foot point.
  use the fence as your Ground radials.
your HAM. become creative. Ive Done it. It works.
 heck For a while I even used a glass Coke Bottle as an insulator on the Bottom of My 40 foot Flagpole  in front of the house and loaded that up on 160 Meters. a length of thin wire and a Cluster of Helium Balloons. On a calm day Works great.

Its not Hard to do..

P.S. Does this New Jersey guy need to visit Waco to show a Texan how to Do it?  Just Kidding.. Texas is great Been to Dallas /FtWorth and Berryville.
 My ompany has a few AM stations out there I would like to Vist one day.


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