[AMRadio] "Hot" Broadcast Towers

George Brand georgeb at i2k.net
Tue Jan 13 09:01:09 EST 2009

<the old Andrew dehydrator
<about 2 feet behind the transmitter decided to kick on. "Karoom, CHUG,
<CHUG, CHUG ..."

<I swear it couldn't have scared me more if it had been a quarter stick
<of dynamite.

After changing my drawers, I would have been mopping the floor. One fine
afternoon the tower climbers had just finished hanging the new antennas for
KUNC and KGRE near Windsor CO, and we "engineering Staff" (I say that
because I was an apprentice and certainly not an engineer) Anyway, I stepped
out of the shack to get a coffee and take a smoke break as we'd been going
all night installing both transmitters in the new site, when I looked up to
see a climber finish coiling a very long rope. He swung it back and forth
and gave it a hard swing and let it go....
it fell dead center on the transmitter shack right above the two engineers.
Needless to say, they thought a climber had taken the short hop down and
came running from the building...I had never seen two men literally goggle
eyed with fright to the point one started to faint. We caught him and helped
him down. Poor guys were a wreck for a good 30 minutes.

George  wa8sco

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