[AMRadio] EF Johnson Knobs

JohnPerz at aol.com JohnPerz at aol.com
Tue Jan 13 10:03:08 EST 2009

            Have some extra pizza table legs. Probably over nite from  
In a message dated 1/13/2009 9:16:03 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
wa9nqw at nconnect.net writes:

Hi Joe,  

Find a pizza place that delivers. Many use a little plastic "table" to  keep 
the pizza and the box separated. The "table" legs work well when cut  off to 
the appropriate length. Eating the pizza is optional.



On Jan 12, 2009, at 7:49 PM, Joe Dube wrote:

Does anyone out there know where I can get some  of the white pointer 
indicators that go into the knobs on the EF Johnson  transmitters??  If anyone has 
any ideas please reply to me here or by  my email. Any suggestion would be 
greatly appriciated.
Joe  K4TR   

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