[AMRadio] 160 meter antenna

Larry Szendrei ne1s at neandertech.com
Tue Jan 13 13:03:10 EST 2009

Brett wrote:
> Without a tuner, you can use the antenna's on receive, even on other bands,
> while with a tuner, if you get far from where you are tuned from, you
get a lot
> of loss...

True statement, but specifically:

If the tuner is a high-pass filter, like the common T-network tuner
("ultimate transmatch"), frequencies lower than the resonant frequency of
the system (=frequency the tuner & antenna happen to be "tuned to") are
attenuated, and higher frequencies (up to a point) are passed with little

If the tuner is a low-pass filter, such as the balanced pi-network I use
at one of my "studios," frequencies higher than the resonant frequency of
the system are attenuated, and lower frequencies (again, up tho a point)
work Fine Business Old Man.

If the tuner is a band-pass filter - an example would be the link-coupled
parallel-tuned LC network popular for tuned feeders - there is attenuation
on both sides of the resonant frequency.

Brett, by the way, you were strapping into Maine last Sunday morning on
40M - could not fire up to talk to you at the time; I was working on a
friend's Ranger with said friend (Steve, KM1V ex-KS1F ex KM1V) in the
shack with me.


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