[AMRadio] The Eagle Has Landed - The Gross Radio EagleThat Is

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My further feelings on the Eagle are:  Gross was a radio store in New York, 
I believe.  They sold broadcast radios, ham parts as well as electronics 
parts.  They did do a little advertising but not much.  Burstein-Applebee in 
Kansas City did the same thing but had a big ham department and ham radio 
display room.  Burstein-Applebee had an annual large catalog and also sent 
out monthly flyers.  They had a YELLOW SHEET surplus section in the rear of 
their catalog.  I think maybe Gross got tired of trying to sell their kit 
and BA bought all the remaining kits up as surplus.  They then listed them 
in their Yellow Sheets at the rear of their catalog.  This was during the 
time of great Novice activity (1953, 1954).  I bought mine at that time.  I 
was 13 years old.  My friend bought the Philmore.  The Eagle sold for less 
money then the Philmore.  I also bought a 3735 Khz crystal for it from BA 
for 35 cents.  The Eagle was sold without tubes, but of course BA sold 
tubes, so there was no problem and they all could be ordered together.  As I 
recall the Eagle sold for around $12 and the power supply for another $8.00 
or so.  All this plus tubes.  I think the Philmore was sold with tubes and 
sold for around $25 to $27.  (This is all mentioned from memory).  Philmore 
did a fair amount of advertising.  BA had their Eagle in their Yellow 
Sheets.  All this took place at the same time Ameco advertised like crazy 
their AC-1 Novice transmitter.  (one tube transmitter using a 6V6 and a 5Y3 
rectifier.  The AC-1 sold for around $17 or $18).  Not too many Philmore or 
Eagle transmitters were sold.  I can tell you I hardly ever ran into anyone 
using them.  A lot of Ameco AC-1s were sold but because of their very low 
power were not popular on the bands.  I think green horn young hams bought 
them and then quickly got educated and upgraded to a transmitter with a 
little more power so many sat in a closet.  I know my friend upgraded from 
his Philmore within weeks of using the Philmore and I did the same thing 
with my Eagle.  As I recall the Eagle was available from Gross in the late 
40s.  I think maybe the Philmore NT-200 was a mass marketing "knock-off" of 
the Gross Eagle.  They put everything in a fresh new box using fresh new 
parts, not surplus, including tubes and two coil forms for two bands. 
Philmore then advertised their kit to the Novice crowd and Gross probably 
said we want out and sold their remaing kits to BA.  Both transmitters used 
a U shaped piece of aluminum for their chassis.  The Power supplies were on 
another U shaped piece of aluminum.  Both transmitters had their tuning caps 
and tuning lamps in the same place on the front of the U shaped chassis. 
The initual Novice bands were 80 and 11 meters.  The first Philmore 
transmitters sported 80 and 11 meter coil information.  Later they included 
winding a coil for 40 meters when that band became available to the Novice 
crowd.  My Eagle came with a single coil form for one band but with info on 
winding the coil for the band of your choice.  I wound my coil for 80 meters 
and then used an old tube base as a coil form to wind another one for 40 
meters.  Bye then the 11 meter Novice band was no more but there was one for 
15 meters.  I never tried operating on 15 with the Eagle.


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>I have one too, but no paperwork left.  It was bought in 1954 from
> Burstein-Applebee out of Kansas City, Mo.  6V6 osc, 6L6 amp, seperate 
> power
> supply w/80 rectifier tube.  Pi output circuit.  It is almost identical to
> the Philmore NT-200 Novice Transmitter Kit.  You can find the Philmore
> manual on BAMA.
> The chassis were very close to being the same.  The Philmore used a 5Y3
> rectifier and used a #49 "tuning lamp".  The Eagle used a neon "tuning
> lamp".  The Eagle also used two dual variable caps in parallel where as 
> the
> Philmore used two single 100pf variables.  The Eagle used a lot of surplus
> parts (caps and resistors).  They were both sold as kits.
> Lee, w0vt
> Hi Gang,
> I'm happy to join this club. I just picked up a Gross Eagle with two
> coils. I'm interested in gathering more information. Anything
> Gross actually.
> 73, John Dilks, K2TQN
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