[AMRadio] The Eagle Has Landed - The Gross Radio EagleThat Is

Larry Szendrei ne1s at neandertech.com
Sat Jan 17 15:06:48 EST 2009

Lee - you seem to be describing a different "Eagle". The original post 
(which John was replying to, and included in his reply) describes the 
Gross Eagle as a 1933 regenerative receiver:

" A 1933 Gross Radio Company Eagle regen RX, complete with all four
coils and documentation.
Think of a National SW-3, with a single coil rather the SW-3's two.
Band coverage is 200 meters down to 15 meters.
A pair of type 32 tubes, and a single 33 in the AF output."

I have seen and operated that receiver, as the person who had originally 
made that post on the AWA reflector (Bruce, W1UJR) is a good friend of 
mine and lives nearby.


Second "project" down the page, immediately following the snow static 


LEE BAHR wrote:
> The Eagle sold for less 
> money then the Philmore.  I also bought a 3735 Khz crystal for it from BA 
> for 35 cents.  
> As I recall the Eagle was available from Gross in the late 
> 40s.  I think maybe the Philmore NT-200 was a mass marketing "knock-off" of 
> the Gross Eagle.  They put everything in a fresh new box using fresh new 
> parts, not surplus, including tubes and two coil forms for two bands. 
> Philmore then advertised their kit to the Novice crowd and Gross probably 
> said we want out and sold their remaing kits to BA.  Both transmitters used 
> a U shaped piece of aluminum for their chassis.  The Power supplies were on 
> another U shaped piece of aluminum.  Both transmitters had their tuning caps 
> and tuning lamps in the same place on the front of the U shaped chassis. 
> The initual Novice bands were 80 and 11 meters.  The first Philmore 
> transmitters sported 80 and 11 meter coil information.  
> I never tried operating on 15 with the Eagle.
> Lee
> w0vt

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