[AMRadio] A special day today

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Jan 19 17:18:58 EST 2009

People of yesteryear didn't have the "self esteem" of today's 
people, therefore they found a mentor, read the book (in most cases) 
and more importantly, would not find Leo guilty of anything in court 
if the plaintiff did something stupid.  I believe it was called 
common sense, something severely lacking today in many people.

Good grief,


> What I still wonder even today is how WRL/Leo Meyerson could make 
> such death
> traps and get away with it.
> I still have a Galaxy V that when you life up the lid, there is 
> the PA cage
> fully exposed.
> What was he thinking?  Could it have been $$$$$ by shaving costs. 
> No
> interlocks on the "big boy: - the Globe King 500.

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