[AMRadio] A Special Day??

Bruce bsugarberg at core.com
Mon Jan 19 20:38:23 EST 2009


To prove that Steve knows what he is talking about:

"Did you know?  The State of Ohio recognized Martin Luther King Day as a 
legal holiday, effective Aug. 1, 1975. See S.B. No. 18, 136 Laws of 
Ohio, Part II, 41; ORC 1.14. The federal government did not declare 
Martin Luther King Day a federal holiday until 1983".

 From the CM Law Library Blog. of the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law,
Cleveland, Ohio.

73, Bruce WA8TNC
sbjohnston at aol.com wrote:
> Ron Lawrence W4RON <W4RON at carolina.rr.com> wrote:
>> I hate to question your memory, but Martin Luther King Day didn't
>> exist in 1977 or 1978.
>> President Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into law in 1983, and it 
>> was first observed in 1986.
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> That's the *federal* holiday.  I hate to correct a corrector, but it 
> most certainly did exist - in the State of Ohio.
> This is the sixth email message I've received pointing out this 
> supposed error on my part.  I experienced it as a school holiday in 
> the late 1970s, and as a city and state employee in the very early 
> 1980s.  I recall much racially-oriented bellyaching at the time about 
> the state adopting this new holiday.
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