[AMRadio] Amazed any young ham made it to adulthood

BILL GUYGER bguyger at sbcglobal.net
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I too learned all about AC/DC 5  tube superhets the hard way, and thanks to a Dynaco power amp that had been sitting unpowered for several days, about the lightning that lurketh in non bleeder resistor equiped filter caps.
But the most embarrasing shock I ever got was when I was in college and working in the Learning Center tape room. I reached into the back of a rack of 1" VTR's got hold of exposed 120V. somehow and it went to ground through my nose which was up against the rack side panel. Talk about opening your sinuses!

Bill AD5OL

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I thought electric shock was a right a passage.  I tried to build a Jacobs ladder as a kid of about 10, using brazing rods, a Ford ignition coil, and a Lionel train transformer.  Yes, I knocked the stuffing out of myself, but I learned something in the process.  I had a real Gilbert Erector set too, with all kinds of sharp metal items, a real 110VAC 

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