[AMRadio] A special day today

Nick England nick at 3rdtech.com
Tue Jan 20 07:05:20 EST 2009

I dropped out of ham radio in the early 70's and spent several decades 
designing and debugging systems with 1000-2000 chips powered by a 5v 200a 
supply. No problem adding jumpers or scoping hot circuits (but keep your 
wedding ring in your pocket!). When I got back into boatanchor radios I 
really had to retrain my brain and fingers. Fortunately, memories of 
grabbing B+ in a HB xmtr as a teenager had lingered in my neurons enough 
that I really *knew* to keep my hands off the wiring.

But the other poster was right on the money about it being a miracle any of 
us young hams made it through our early contacts with tube gear.

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>I see this fear of voltage and current prevalent among the "board-swapper"
> type techs that have never worked on anything with more than 12 VDC. Jim
> W5JO hit the nail on the head, there just isn't a lot of common sense 
> around
> these days.When fooling with HV, put one hand in the pocket and be sure to
> be awake/alert.
>                   Joe W4AAB

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