[AMRadio] Amazed any young ham made it to adulthood

John Coleman jc at pctechref.com
Tue Jan 20 10:26:58 EST 2009

	I've been shocked, knocked a across the room even, more times than I
care to talk about.  Once I thought I was going to die and then afraid I
	Back a few years ago, I don't think people sued as much as they do
now.  If some accident happened we didn't try to blame it on some one else
or a neglect of manufacturing.  We simply took our licks for our own
stupidity and mistakes.  I'm not saying that manufactures shouldn't worry
about the consumer but, I think they should worry more about the longevity
of service to the consumer.  Too many Americans, today, seem think that
everything they buy should come with some type of personal protection plan.
My work is servicing personal computers. A lot of our customers are John and
Jane Doe types that use the PC as a home entertainment device.  I tell them
that entertainment on the internet often comes with spy ware or some other
type of booger.  I've had them say to me, "Well what good is the internet,
if you can't safely play poker, look at porn, steel music, etc.  I wish that
our customers were more corporate types like it was about 15 years ago.  And
I especially wish that HTML, Java, and active X had never been expanded as
they are now.  Of course I guess I wouldn't be nearly so busy but it sure
gets tiresome dealing with these people.  

Why do people think that they must bee entertained? And that somebody owes
it to them.

I apologize for my ranting off subject.


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