[AMRadio] shocks, interlocks and misc

EdwMullin at aol.com EdwMullin at aol.com
Wed Jan 21 22:06:43 EST 2009

I used to work in a shop that used these large amps made by Cober(sp) they  
were of dubious lineage and repair.  My job was to evaluate repair/rebuild  and 
test as neccessary, and to use them to test various RF products that were  
made there. 
I was testing one, that I had been assured worked ok, and I only needed to  
power it up and verify output. 
Well I powered it up and the gages were off of spec, and things just  weren't 
going the way they should. I had one hand on the top corner of the 6ft  
cabinet, and I touched a metal bench next to me.  
I got quite a shock that somehow missed vital areas.  After taking a  bit to 
recover the other technician (who had helped me up and had quickly shut  the 
whole thing off). and I checked the wiring.  We found that one of the  phases 
of the 3 phase power had been wired to the cabinet as ground...  
That same shop had a vacuum test station that zapped me with 120. when I  
pulled the mains plug I found that some Rocket Scientist had yanked the ground  
pin out!!!  
As a kid I pulled a real idiot move.  I was mowing the lawn, with one  of 
those old type motors that had the metal tab to touch to the spark plug to  kill 
the engine.  Well I had broken the tab off, and I figured I could just  yank 
the wire off the plug to kill it.  One hand on the handle of course... 
Mom wanted to know what I was yelling about, I honestly didn't remember  
yelling at all. 
Stay safe out there!  The stories are great, lets just stay alive long  
enough to tell em! 
73 DE 
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