[AMRadio] shocks, interlocks and misc

Robert Lawson w4rl at bellsouth.net
Wed Jan 21 23:23:38 EST 2009

With both hands raised,  I comment.   Ah yes, one of  several ceremonies 
in becoming a grown man and un-idiot.   Thank goodness we're not 
counting body scars.  HI

My claim to fame:  While holding a D-104 sitting in an old chrome chair 
with worn out seating fabric and leaning back on the two legs mostly and 
with my bare feet up on the bench during a QSO in my garage shack I 
inadvertently rocked one of the back legs (without the rubber foot) on a 
live extension cord.  I was just having a good ol'time jawing away on 6 
meters AM . But every time I'd lean forward wanting to write down a 
comment note I get the you know what shocked out of me.  Remember me 
holding the D-104?  Yours truly aka super brain finally saw what was 
happening and the next minute or so I was in deep though on how long I 
could remain teetered back in that wiggly frame chair before I figured 
how to get out of my predicament   And you ask, what was I wearing to 
make that AC circuit.  We (family-read young wife and two screaming kids 
full of sand and sunburned) just came home from the beach and I heard 6 
meters wide open.  Mother and kids were inside showering and all.  
Superbrain was still in his wet salt water bathing suit being called for 
the '6 meter chase'.  Of note: While still in a state of teetering, my 
wife came back out into the garage with her unhappy mama face on and 
demanded when I was going to come in and help her with the children.  I 
said, "Honey, I can't right now, believe me".  I will not discuss what 
transpired in the next 30 seconds but I was still teetering when she 
slammed the door muttering something about how stupid she was to have 
....in the first place.  And then I was alone again.....still teetering 
but none the worse for ware from her personal evaluation of me, aka her 
idiot husband, the father of her poor innocent children smitten with 
their father's genes, and so on.  How did I escape my delima you ask.  
No not the familial one, but the ham radio one.   Well, I am proud to 
say that I did get my cherished D-104 back intact on the operating 
bench.  I pitched it as accurately as I could.  But in doing so, 
(remember me still teetering), I lost my balance in that so name 
position and ended up falling out of the chair (which that day ended up 
in the trash bin) and me tumbling down the back garage concrete steps 
after my route of passing through the door opening to the back yard.  
And man did that supper green grass feel good.  I kinda laid there a 
spell looking at  puffy clouds and soaring birds and eventually heard my 
wife and kids leave evidently to go out to eat.   I compose myself and 
went into the kitchen and had a PBJ and glass of milk while reflecting 
upon my brush with imminent demise.  No not the electrical one, the one 
with the wife.  This story is true.  Want me to show my scars?  Yes, the 
ham radio ones! 

73 Robert W4RL

Lee Richardson wrote:
> Everyone who has */not/* performed that manuever, raise your hand!
> 73 de Lee,  W5JQA
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