[AMRadio] Strange rectifier configuration in the audio section ofan Xmitter I'm working on.?

Ken kenw2dtc at comcast.net
Fri Jan 23 09:11:49 EST 2009

Do you have a schematic showing the desired voltage at the end of the 

> It's using:
> 2x 1N3337A - 75V Zener (540 mA max, 56 Vrev Max)
> 1x 1N3338A - 82V Zener (490 mA max, 62.2 Vrev Max)
> 1x 1N3340A - 100v Zener (400 mA max, 76 Vrev Max)
> I only note above where the values are significantly different....
> I'm just curious... Why do it with these 3 different diodes???
> What does that buy them?
> Would the world end if I used 4 of the 1N3340A - 100V Zeners (since I have 
> a
> slug of them in my parts box) as replacements??

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