[AMRadio] Strange rectifier configuration - UPDATE

M. K. Hess mkhess at frontiernet.net
Fri Jan 23 09:20:57 EST 2009

As an Addition.....

If you'd like to see the full schem. of the unit. Check here on my

Here's the link to the FULL scem.




Hi Folks,

I'm working on the audio 1st stage of a Gates BC-1H transmitter. It has a
rectifier with 4 zener diodes
however, unlike most set ups where there are 4 of the same diode, this is
using 3 different types, all
of the same class, but with just a wee bit different specs....

It's using:
2x 1N3337A - 75V Zener (540 mA max, 56 Vrev Max)
1x 1N3338A - 82V Zener (490 mA max, 62.2 Vrev Max)
1x 1N3340A - 100v Zener (400 mA max, 76 Vrev Max)

I only note above where the values are significantly different....

I'm just curious... Why do it with these 3 different diodes??? 
What does that buy them?

Would the world end if I used 4 of the 1N3340A - 100V Zeners (since I have a
slug of them in my parts box) as replacements??

Your sage wisdom is appreciated!

Mike - N3EAQ

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