[AMRadio] The Great Rochester Hamfest

Larry WA9VRH wa9vrh at dishmail.net
Sat Jan 24 19:06:09 EST 2009

Hi All,

Well you better kiss and make up or the Great Rochester Hamfest will 
probably be gone in a couple of years. Before you shoot me let me explain. 
For more years than I will put in print (in case my wife sees this) I was 
the chairman for the Peoria Il Superfest. For years we were on our own date.

Then something happened and Radio Expo in Chicago ended up on the same 
weekend. We were locked into our weekend as a few years eariler the 
fairgrounds moved us without telling us. Well we threw a fit and they agreed 
NEVER to change our date again. (which they have lived up to)

So for a number of years we butted heads with R.E. However even though 
Peoria is much smaller in population we still maintained most of our 
attendance. R.E. did ok also but we both had issues with dealers that wanted 
to be at both but did not have enough staff to do both.

Well finally last year or the year before R.E. changed facilities and we are 
on different dates. We in Peoria have seen a growth in attendance even 
though hamfests in general are shrinking.

We believe that both RE and Peoria will continue to prosper without the 
conflict of the same dates.

So GUYS and GALS knock off the BS and kiss and make up before the Great 
Rochester hamfest becomes nothing more than memories!

Neither of you will win in this pissing contest (technical term) You will 
tear friendships apart, you will make dealers make choices that they don't 
want to make (and they may not show up at either show)  NO one is going to 
win. ESPECIALLY when you are in the same town!

I hope for ALL you can straighten this out as we do not need another hamfest 
to go SK!

73 Larry WA9VRH

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> Hello,
> I looked at both sites, and here is what I noticed:
> The "New" Rochester Hamfest is being put on by the Rochester Amateur
> Radio Association.
> The "New" Rochester Hamfest is recognized by the ARRL, listed by the
> ARRL as the only Rochester Hamfest on that date, and is the site of
> the ARRL Atlantic Division Convention.
> The "Original" Rochester Hamfest site is displaying 2008 information,
> with the notation that 2009 information will be given "when it is
> Available."
> The "Original" Hamfest is on Friday and Saturday.
> The "New" Hamfest is on Saturday only.
> So, you could go to the "Original" Hamfest on Friday,
> and the "New" Hamfest on Saturday.
> A little history:  The Rochester Hamfest was the largest hamfest in
> the eastern US.  Before last year's Hamfest, a large part of the
> original fairground location was sold, and the formerly giant flea
> market was relocated into a much smaller space.  Attendance was poor,
> and many hams thought that the Rochester Hamfest was finished.
> The move to a new location with space for a another giant flea market
> is a wonderful thing.  Now we can once again look forward to more
> great Rochester Hamfests.
> 73, Bruce WA8TNC
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> W2INR wrote:
>> Well the story was not fully presented.
>> There are now 2 Hamfests on the same day in two different locations in
>> Rochester NY. Apparently there has been a falling out of some sort and
>> now these two groups are acting in the worst possible manner for the
>> hobby.
>> Check it out - group 1 www.rochesterham.org <http://www.rochesterham.org>
>> group 2 www.rochesterhamfest.org <http://www.rochesterhamfest.org/>
>> One group is at the old site (group 2 )and another group is at the new
>> site(group 1).  As if this hobby isn't splintered enough - - - - -
>> And thats the whole story
>> G
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