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>Subject: RE: Madness at the Rochester (NY) hamfests
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>Rochester Amateur Radio Assn
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>Rochester NY 14692
>January, 2009
>Re: Help spread the TRUTH about the Rochester Hamfest.
>We need your help to clear the air. The Rochester Amateur Radio 
>Association, Inc. (RARA) has been producing the Rochester Hamfest 
>for the last 74 years.  For many years the Hamfest Committee 
>Chairman was Harold Smith, K2HC.  At the November meeting of the 
>RaRa BoD it was voted to change the venue and the time frame for the 
>Hamfest.  Harold refused to comply and was relieved of his 
>duties.  In defiance he refuses to cooperate and because Harold's 
>name is associated with the original Hamfest web site, the BoD at 
>this time does not have control of what is displayed there.  Since 
>RARA is the parent organization of the current, and past, Hamfest 
>Committee you can be assured that what RARA says in print and on the 
>web site " www.rochesterham.org" is the TRUTH.  The ARRL has already 
>recognized the change in venue and time frame and the "New Rochester 
>Hamfest" is the location of the Atlantic Division Convention for 
>2009. This can be verified at: 
>We realize how confusing this can be if people see Harold's postings 
>on the internet. We have requested he remove the confusing content 
>numerous times, each met with flat out refusal. It's disappointing 
>that someone who has put a great deal of effort into the event in 
>the past has taken up the position to confuse the public. This 
>certainly demonstrates his disloyalty to the club, the event, and 
>his fellow HAMS.
>We at RaRa would greatly appreciate it if you and could use your 
>channels of communications to inform other area HAMS of the TRUTH: 
>There will only be one Hamfest, not two, and The Rochester Hamfest 
>will be held Saturday May 30th, at the Barnard Carnival Grounds. 
>Further details are available at 
>"<http://www.rochesterham.org>www.rochesterham.org".   Warn them 
>that K2HC no longer has anything to do with the Rochester Hamfest 
>and people should disregard his solicitations for ticket 
>sales.  Admission tickets are now only $5.00 and being sold 
>exclusively at the gate. If anyone is still in disbelief, encourage 
>them to contact their ARRL representative for clarification.
>The 2009 Rochester Hamfest flyer can be downloaded here: 
>There will only be one Hamfest in Rochester.
>Thank you VERY much!
>Frank Schramm
>President, Rochester Amateur Radio Assn Inc.

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